Krupa Pharma manufactures a number of quality products, which are safe, reliable and effective. Current products are listed below. For further information or to purchase products please contact us or email us at
Krupa Antyflu
This product is useful in emergencies such as cold,body pain, fever,restlessness, indigestion and loose stools while travelling for all ages.
Krupa Wooffee
Used to control cough and cold. It also prevents and abates whooping cough in children.
Krupa Lactors

This product enhances lactation in nursing mothers.

Krupa Piloment
An ointment for providing relief from pain due to piles, fissures and fistula. Eradicates itching and burning, and its continued use removes fissures and heals piles.


Medicated vaseline which heals cracked lips and soles.

A hair oil which promotes luxurious and healthy hair. It also prevents dandruff, hair loss (alopecia) and baldness.


Provides relief from pain due to sprains, muscular pains and pain in joints.

  Controls bleeding from tooth gum and also provides pain relief from toothache.
  Provides quick relief from pain, burning and smarting of skin due to Scorpion stings.
  A product meant especially for children with symptoms like cold, cough and fever accompanied with an irritable mind.
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